Ha Ha Tonka

Other than wanting it to come out at a specific time, what is it that delays a record's release following the completion of the recording? Can you explain the post-recording process for us outsiders?

Ha Ha Tonka responded on 10/04/2010

Well, it probably takes longer than it should and there are bits of it that we still don't understand. Basically, the label needs time to get their ducks in a row with distributors, radio & press. In the biz, this is called "lead time." They want to make sure that the record makes maximum impact upon it's release, is available in stores, gets played on the radio & is well reviewed by the larger publications. Obviously, there are a lot of records competing for this attention, so the lead time is necessary to make sure all these things happen. Each release sort of waits in line until it has it's turn. I hope that helped explain it a bit!

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