Ha Ha Tonka

My 8-yr old son (I know, not your target audience) LOVES your music. Especially "What Shepherds of These Hills". So he has a question: "their songs are so good, but why are they so short?"

Ha Ha Tonka responded on 03/29/2011

Ha! If we can appeal to the 8-yr old demographic, we're doing something right!
Actually, we did make a Shel Silverstein poem into a song last year that your son might like. Shoot us an email at hahatonkamusic@gmail.com and we'll send you the mp3.
Why are our songs so short? That's a good question and one we don't have a good answer for. Honestly, I think we left them a little too short on the Novel Sounds record. We tried to make the songs a bit longer on Death of a Decade. Hopefully, the songs will still warrant repeat listens!

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