Ha Ha Tonka

Maybe you guys have already answered this but:
What does "St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor" mean/come from? My husband thinks it sounds like something a grandma would say in frustration :o)

Ha Ha Tonka responded on 03/01/2012

Ha! It does sound a bit antiquated. I don't think I borrowed it from any of my grandparents, but I very well could have. I wrote the lyrics in '04 or '05 and the song was intended, on some level, to deal with the dangers associated with wishful thinking. On another level it alludes to the dangers of nationalistic tendencies´╗┐ and overly fervent true believerism. And on a completely different level it's about a carefree idyllic adolescent float trip on the North Fork River. Personally, I think the line "this glimpse of brilliance is much better than a long look at mediocrity" sums up absolutely nothing quite nicely.
I hope this helps!

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